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I'm Craig Atkinson, a principal engineer who is passionate about making an impact through my work. Whether it's through architecting enterprise platforms, building products for customers, mentoring fellow engineers, or creating tools to improve developer productivity. In my 15+ years in the software industry I've worked with companies at various stages, from startups to Fortune 50 enterprises - in a variety of industries, from medical devices, finance, insurance, developer productivity, to retail.

I've loved designing and building software since I was a kid, from the first BASIC program I wrote in second grade, an encrypted communication system I built in high school, to the large-scale enterprise software systems I architect and build today.

My passion for software extends beyond the office. To give back to the software community I've contributed to open source projects, as well as creating a few myself. The main open source project I've created recently is an open source test reporting software suite called Projektor. Projektor helps developers build high-quality software faster by speeding up CI test failure debugging, tracking code coverage stats, visualizing performance results over time, and more.

Learning and sharing knowledge with my fellow software engineers is another passion of mine. At work I've presented dozens of times on a variety of topics, from technical coding, design, architecture, to testing, alerting and monitoring practices. To help share knowledge among the teams I work with, I created and organized 30+ lightning talk sessions during this past year. And outside of work I've presented at and lead training at conferences and local user groups.

The views on this site are my own personal views and do not necessarily reflect the views of any past, present, or future employers.


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